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X-Tec ® Center Drive Motor

Bring speed and power to your irrigation.

Overcome the Toughest Terrain and Make Quick Cycles Easier

The Valley® X-Tec®  center drive motor delivers the ultimate combination: top-performing speed for quick irrigation cycles and dynamic power to take on the toughest terrain. Featuring Valley FastPass™ technology, you can apply a light application of irrigation to cool crops, improve chemigation and foliar applications, and deliver even greater uniformity. Patented alignment technology and a robust DC motor keep your center pivot moving at a smooth and consistent pace, even over varied terrain. Continue reading →

Center Drive

Count on years of reliable performance from the Valley center drive.

Built Stronger, Lasts Longer and Uses Less Energy

Gain proven irrigation performance with the Valley center drive. It’s engineered to keep your center pivots and linears running for years to come. Adding to its strength and performance, our standard-speed center drive has the lowest power requirements in the irrigation industry, due to its efficient and durable helical gearbox, and its efficient, powerful motor. Continue reading →

Valley® Gearbox

Choose the only gearbox made in the USA.

The Strongest, Most Trusted Gearbox in the Industry

At Valley® Irrigation, our mission is to provide you with the most durable irrigation supplies in the industry. That’s why the Valley gearbox is manufactured right here in the USA. We life-test each one before it leaves our factory and arrives in your field – so you can rest easy knowing you have the most reliable gearbox available for your irrigation equipment.

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ICON10 Smart Panel

Make life easier with our largest touchscreen and maximum control.

Free Up Time with Smart, Highly Intuitive Irrigation

The Valley® ICON10 features the largest touchscreen in the new Valley ICON®  line of smart panels. It’s similar to using the touchscreen on your tablet, but it’s on your center pivot. Continue reading →

ICON5 Smart Panel

Take total control of your center pivot with the latest technology from Valley.

Transition to Smart Irrigation the Easy Way

The Valley® ICON5 is an excellent option for growers who want the latest technology in center pivot irrigation control and like the versatility of push-button and touchscreen interaction. It features a smaller, 5-inch touchscreen interface with soft keys that mirror the touch control functions. Continue reading →

ICON1 Smart Panel

Simple, Complete Control of Your Pivot

The Valley® ICON1 is a remote access control panel for center pivot irrigation. With no display screen at the pivot point, the ICON1 is controlled exclusively through a remote interface. It’s the perfect choice for growers who want full Valley ICON® panel control and functionality, but don’t want to go out to the pivot point to use it. Continue reading →

AutoPilot Linear Control Panel

Improve crop management by programming your linear to function more like a center pivot.

Maximize Efficiency with GPS-Ready Irrigation Technology

The Valley® AutoPilot Linear control panel is the perfect choice for GPS farming. This GPS-ready irrigation technology allows your linear to automatically perform functions similar to a center pivot. The AutoPilot measures the lateral position and direction of travel of the linear, allowing functions to be easily programmed to run automatically. Continue reading →

Classic Control Panel

Gain in-field control with minimal investment.

Proven Technology for Entry-Level Irrigation Management

Greater control of your irrigation operation is possible without making a large investment. The Valley® Classic irrigation control panel provides affordable, push-button, manual operation. Ideal for a beginning irrigator, the Classic offers you personalized irrigation equipment control, putting water conservation and irrigation optimization within the reach of all farmers. Continue reading →

ClassicPlus Control Panel

Put a simple, easy-to-upgrade control panel to work on your operation.

A Control Panel that Grows With You

The Valley® ClassicPlus irrigation control panel operates manually and has easy-to-operate switches. This panel can be used with a corner arm or linear, as well as with a standard center pivot. For a simple control panel that won’t talk back and is easily upgradable, choose the ClassicPlus. It will grow with your operation as your needs grow. Continue reading →

ICONX Smart Panel

Make any center pivot panel smart, no matter the brand.

Complete Control with Proven ICON Technology

The Valley® ICONX takes control of existing center pivot panels, no matter the pivot brand, using the panel’s circuits and delivering full Valley ICON®  touch control. Now all of your center pivots can be on one network. Continue reading →