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VRI Prescriptions

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Prescriptions

Adjust the application depth in specific sectors or management zones in your field.

Customize your irrigation application to maximize results.

Custom-tailored prescriptions provide precision irrigation to enhance your agricultural productivity. Combined with Valley® Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI), you’ll get more out of every acre. Continue reading →

VRI Zone Control

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Zone Control

Maximize water use with VRI zone control.

Ensure precision irrigation in more challenging fields.

Available on both center pivots and linears, Valley® Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Zone Control is ideal for maximizing your water application efficiency in more challenging fields. This includes: varying topography, ditches, bogs, varying soil types, and canals. By breaking your sprinkler package into zones, you can create more than 5,000 sectors in your field to micromanage water application – each based on your needs. Continue reading →

VRI Speed Control

Control the speed of your irrigation application.

Control the speed of your irrigation application.

Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Speed Control is an option for growers who want basic VRI control and the benefits of applying water more efficiently. With speed control, your customized VRI prescription speeds up or slows down the center pivot to achieve the desired application depth across each sector. Continue reading →