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Towable Center Pivots

Irrigate two or more fields with a single towable center pivot.

Economical Options for Irrigating Multiple Fields

Irrigate two or more fields while lowering your installation cost per hectare with a towable center pivot from Valmont® Irrigation. These easy-to-move center pivots maximize your investment: Each machine can be moved in less than a half hour, and irrigates anywhere from two to 121.5 hectares. Continue reading →

Small Field Center Pivots

Put high-performance center pivots to work for your small fields of 24 hectares or less.

Precision irrigation designed specifically for smaller fields.

When it comes to irrigation equipment, Valmont® Irrigation knows that one size does not fit all. Our  Valley® line of small field center pivots share the same high-quality design and performance as all other Valley products but is designed to meet the specific needs of fields of 24 hectares or fewer. Continue reading →

Model 8120 Center Pivot

Count on precision irrigation across every field from the premier Valley® center pivot.

Top-of-the-Line Center Pivot for Long, Durable Life

From pivot point to last span, Valley® engineers and manufactures center pivots to handle the full range of operating conditions that today’s growers need. Valley structures stand up to the toughest loads produced by rough terrain, deep furrows and long-span machines. It doesn’t matter if your field is large or small, rely on our Model 8120 center pivot to help you manage your farming operation and give you one less thing to worry about. Continue reading →