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Increase profitability with clever irrigation technology.

Technology that Helps You Get the Most from Your Field

Valley® DropSpan™ for irrigation systems can increase your irrigated acres without purchasing more land. Use this technology to drop the outer spans of your center pivot or linear, making it possible for the rest of your machine to irrigate acres behind barriers at the edges of the field. Adding DropSpan irrigation parts to your equipment allows you to drop as many spans as necessary, then reattach them as the machine returns.

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Bender30™ and Bender160™

Increase irrigated acres and profitability with irrigation technology innovations.

Get the Most From Your Irrigation Systems

Tree lines and buildings can get in the way of your irrigation operation, keeping valuable acres out of production. To help you overcome these challenges, Valley® offers our Bender product line for center pivots. Valley Benders are easily, and inexpensively, added to your existing or new center pivot irrigation systems to put those acres into production – ultimately helping you increase your yields and profitability. Continue reading →

VFlex ™ Corner

Get the most out of your acres with our flexible corner solution.

The Industry’s Most Flexible Center Pivot Irrigation Corner

You want the most out of your acres, including the corners. The Valley® VFlex™ Corner is durable and reliable, stable on rough terrain and in bad weather, and easy to maintain. It delivers precision irrigation – on every corner. Continue reading →