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Komet Sprinklers

Enjoy the precision of innovative sprinkler solutions on Valley® center pivots and linears.

Trusted Sprinklers for Center Pivots and Linears

Komet Irrigation is a family company that has been innovating agricultural sprinklers for more than 60 years. The culmination of experience and focus on mechanized irrigation systems includes the Komet Precision Twister (KPT), the Twin Ultra line of volume guns, and the new Komet Precision Spray (KPS) Continue reading →

Senninger ® Sprinklers

Protect your soil, crops and savings with uniform, low application intensity.

Low Pressure, High Performance

Senninger®  Irrigation has been developing water- and energy-efficient sprinklers for more than 50 years. Valley® Irrigation offers Senninger products to help ensure water is distributed uniformly and with low application intensity – protecting your soil, crops and savings. Continue reading →