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VRI Prescriptions

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Prescriptions

Adjust the application depth in specific sectors or management zones in your field.

Customize your irrigation application to maximize results.

Custom-tailored prescriptions provide precision irrigation to enhance your agricultural productivity. Combined with Valley® Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI), you’ll get more out of every acre. Continue reading →

VRI Zone Control

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Zone Control

Maximize water use with VRI zone control.

Ensure precision irrigation in more challenging fields.

Available on both center pivots and linears, Valley® Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Zone Control is ideal for maximizing your water application efficiency in more challenging fields. This includes: varying topography, ditches, bogs, varying soil types, and canals. By breaking your sprinkler package into zones, you can create more than 5,000 sectors in your field to micromanage water application – each based on your needs. Continue reading →

VRI Speed Control

Control the speed of your irrigation application.

Control the speed of your irrigation application.

Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Speed Control is an option for growers who want basic VRI control and the benefits of applying water more efficiently. With speed control, your customized VRI prescription speeds up or slows down the center pivot to achieve the desired application depth across each sector. Continue reading →

Valley® GPS Guidance

Improve precision application across your operation.

Maximize Profits with a Higher Level of Efficiency

Using the latest technology in communications delivery, Valley® GPS Guidance for corners and linears has been re-engineered for greater reliability in communication, to provide improved steering accuracy. Continue reading →

GPS Position

Gain enhanced precision agriculture for modern irrigation.

Technology that Boosts Your Efficiency

There’s a good chance GPS is being used in nearly every new implement on your farm. So it makes sense to incorporate it into your irrigation operation. Valley® GPS Position uses Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) to accurately pinpoint the position of your center pivot or linear. The GPS calculations are performed inside your GPS-Ready control panel, so you don’t need to waste precious hours connecting to and working from another computer. Ultimately, GPS Position allows you to be more efficient with your time. Continue reading →

Run Time ®

Keep track of your pivot run time, at any time.

Simplify Irrigation and Eliminate Calculation Errors

Let Valley handle your center pivot irrigation run time calculations with the FREE Valley Irrigation Run Time® mobile app. This run time calculator eliminates errors from calculations done with paper and pen, and lets you keep your calculation information with you at all times on your phone. No matter what brand of center pivot you operate, Valley Run Time will simplify your day. Continue reading →


Built in and ready to use.

Experience remote management for Valley ICON® smart panels.

Valley ICON Link is a remote management module designed exclusively for and included with every Valley ICON®  smart panel. It provides full remote programming of control panel functions and monitoring of center pivot agricultural equipment via the AgSense app or through Valley BaseStation3™. With a robust feature set that includes the ability to process commands at industry-leading speeds, ICON Link is the key to unlocking the full potential of Valley ICON smart panels from anywhere in the world. Continue reading →


Get more from your irrigation systems with state-of-the-art remote monitoring and control.

Total Control of Your Operation at Any time, from Anywhere

BaseStation3™ from Valley® Irrigation is the most innovative, state-of-the-art irrigation management solution on the market. It pushes monitoring and control technology to the next level, allowing you to remotely manage all of your irrigation equipment from a smartphone, tablet or PC – using native iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android apps – for greater control and freedom. BaseStation3 is compatible with every Valley ICON®  smart control panel. Continue reading →

AgSense ® Remote Irrigation Management

Smart irrigation solutions to help you take control of your operation.

Manage Your Operation From Anywhere with AgSense

AgSense, a smart irrigation solution from Valley, is built into every ICON® smart panel. This advanced technology offers remote irrigation management using devices such as your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Continue reading →

Valley Scheduling™

Make smarter decisions based on more precise information.

Real-Time Irrigation Recommendations that Save Time and Money

Valley Scheduling™ is advanced management software that provides easy-to-understand irrigation recommendations based on real, scientific data about your soil, crop type, development stage and automatically updated weather conditions.

This simple-to-use tool makes managing your irrigation needs easy and efficient. It’s total irrigation management, maximizing irrigated acres and helping you make better, more accurate and timely decisions with the technology proven on 5 million acres worldwide.

Smarter Decisions Based on More Precise Information

Valley Scheduling is one vital part of our complete toolbox of smart irrigation solutions, allowing you to manage the entire picture. It’s total irrigation management, maximizing irrigated acres and helping you make better, more accurate and timely decisions

Simple to use

An intuitive dashboard is accessible via your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Save time

Eliminate complex calculations you used to have to do yourself and reduce time spent in fields manually gathering information.

Increase yield potential and profitability

Use fewer resources by watering and fertigating the right amount in the right places and at the right times.

Improve crop health and reduce disease

Monitor potential crop stress due to over- or under-watering, and increase production and yield quality.