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Technology that Helps You Get the Most from Your Field

Valley® DropSpan™ for irrigation systems can increase your irrigated acres without purchasing more land. Use this technology to drop the outer spans of your center pivot or linear, making it possible for the rest of your machine to irrigate acres behind barriers at the edges of the field. Adding DropSpan irrigation parts to your equipment allows you to drop as many spans as necessary, then reattach them as the machine returns.

DropSpan Benefits

Increases irrigated acres on existing land.
Quickly and easily drop the outer spans of your center pivot or linear.
One person can drop and then reattach as many spans as necessary to maximize reach – no tools needed.
Technology works with Model 8120 center pivots and linears.

DropSpan Features

Quick and easy: Spans can be dropped or reattached by one person, without tools, in less than 15 minutes!
Flexible: Multiple DropSpans can be installed on one center pivot or linear
Pivot options: Available on Model 8120 center pivots; also available on linears
Simple design: Simple winch and batten leg system to drop and reattach outer spans
Hassle-free: Simple electrical connector manages span cable and control logic – no re-wiring needed
Add-ons: Optional second end gun

DropSpan Specifications

Pipe Diameter Options 6 5/8″
Span Length Options All span lengths
System Length No maximum restriction, other than standard restrictions
Alignment Options Standard, modified or floating available
Tire Options All traction options available
Profile Options Standard

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