Overcome the Toughest Terrain and Make Quick Cycles Easier

Valley® Irrigation engineered the high-speed center drive in response to growers who want to reduce or eliminate many of the expenses of applying crop protectants.

  • The Valley X-Tec ® family of products lets growers apply protectants uniformly and at the proper concentration directly through the pivot.
  • Speed like this can benefit a wide variety of crops and is ideal for precise application during germination and for cooling your high-value crops in the heat of the day.
  • Get ready to optimize your machine and your inputs as the investment in an X-Tec high-speed center drive can reduce labor, equipment rentals, and maintenance costs.

Valley Irrigation keeps moving irrigation forward with industry-leading technology. X-Tec center drives give operators the option to move 4 times as fast as a standard pivot 34 RPM drive with the X-Tec 136 or 10 times faster with the X-Tec 343, completing a standard circle in just 90 minutes.