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X-Tec ® Center Drive Motor

Bring speed and power to your irrigation.

Overcome the Toughest Terrain and Make Quick Cycles Easier

The Valley® X-Tec®  center drive motor delivers the ultimate combination: top-performing speed for quick irrigation cycles and dynamic power to take on the toughest terrain. Featuring Valley FastPass™ technology, you can apply a light application of irrigation to cool crops, improve chemigation and foliar applications, and deliver even greater uniformity. Patented alignment technology and a robust DC motor keep your center pivot moving at a smooth and consistent pace, even over varied terrain. Continue reading →

Center Drive

Count on years of reliable performance from the Valley center drive.

Built Stronger, Lasts Longer and Uses Less Energy

Gain proven irrigation performance with the Valley center drive. It’s engineered to keep your center pivots and linears running for years to come. Adding to its strength and performance, our standard-speed center drive has the lowest power requirements in the irrigation industry, due to its efficient and durable helical gearbox, and its efficient, powerful motor. Continue reading →